It is not known how many of the tens of thousands of protesters arrested in the current uprising and imprisoned in the terrible torture centers of the Islamic Republic, have been surrendered to the death squad without any official announcement. What is now in the headlines everywhere in the media is the execution of Mohsen Shekarchi, a brave protester who wanted to prevent the bloodbath of his fellow fighters by blocking the path of brutal invasion of the forces of violence and killing of the Islamic Republic. In these few months, the regime has shot and killed a large number of protesters, much more than hundreds, on the floor of the streets, on the pavements of the alleys, inside the houses, on the rooftops, in high schools and universities. Thousands of protestors and children of working families have been deprived of their sight by the repressors who have shot directly in their eyes. The record of the regime in these few months, in the continuation of 43 years of genocide, which is caused by its class nature as a savage capitalist state, which is the target of the wrath of the working class, has been like this. The new leaf of this case, is lining up the large number of captured protestors to be sent to the place of execution, which was started with the first execution. The regime commits these brutal crimes in order to create a more dominant atmosphere of repression, in such a situation, the Islamic regime does not see any other way by resorting to killing as much as possible, but this is not all the arguments of the regime. The regime hangs on this belief that the current movement is defeatable and the mass executions could act as the Achilles heel of the uprising. Where does this belief of Islamic fascism of capital come from? The answer is simple. Several months have passed since the beginning of the movement in the streets, still the cycle of capitalist production, not only has not been disrupted, but is running better than last year. We do not go astray and do not discuss the effects of sanctions or the effects of the pressure of the acute economic crisis, rather, it is about the uprising, protest and its effect on the work cycle and capitalist production. In this realm, the reality is that the regime has not witnessed disruption, not even the slightest serious danger, because, relying on this component, the Islamic Republic comes to the conclusion that several tens of millions of workers, despite being the target of the most brutal pressures, still show up for work. They work from dawn to dusk in the worst possible conditions and produce trillions of surplus value and deliver it to the capitalists. So there is still hope for the regime’s permanence, and the regime has confidently concluded that the uprising has not been able to influence the only real force ( the working masses ) that determines the fate of events. It has not been able to attract the support of a large mass, or has not gathered the confidence of the largest members of the working class. 

This should be taken seriously and stand firm on it. With this winning card, capital owners take a step forward and complete their unfinished business. The definite conclusion of the regime is that the protest movement in the streets with its current coordinates has not been able to achieve its class connection with tens of millions of workers, therefore, there is no risk for the production cycle and capital accumulation. For this reason, this movement is vulnerable enough, and the real channels of attack and the main foci of rebellion should be searched and suppressed. The launching of killing machines, whether in the streets and in prisons, or in the form of official executions, comes out of these calculations. Despite the massive street demonstrations during these few months, the capitalist Islamic regime sees the real danger not in massive street demonstrations or the controversy of isolated opposition circles, but in the existence of the working class, which drives the cycle of work and capital production. As long as this working class is not exercising its class power, and as long as the cycle of capital production turns, the bourgeoisie has nothing to fear from any force. The regime has pondered this issue enough and made it the basis of action, that is why the Islamic regime has found the current movement vulnerable and the attack against it is the only solution. All this is proof that the Islamic Republic continues executions with indescribable ferocity, that is why the Islamic regime has found the current movement vulnerable and the savage attack against it is the only solution. Does the current uprising have a way to stop the killing machine of the Islamic Republic?

The above explanation contains a clear answer to this question. And that, only the widespread and nationwide entry of the working masses into the field of class struggle is capable of playing this role. The more vital, fundamental and fateful question is that if the workers do so, but how come and with which class horizon? With which arrangement of organized class forces, and which approach will they enter the wide field of class battle ? It is obvious that their first step should be to stop the work cycle and capital production on a widespread and nationwide level. The working class has done this many times in history, but not for their own class demands, not of their own will, not with the own radical class strategy and approach, but by the order of this or that bourgeois opposition, this or that political power-seeking party, this or that bourgeois mafia that have shaped the course of the situation so far. But this time, the working class movement can overturn the foundation of the past and enter the field with a new plan and strong class will and determination against capitalism. The working class is able to force the Islamic bourgeoisie to release all prisoners unconditionally by resorting to closing the cycle of work and production. But remaining at the same level of demands, including the release of all political prisoners, is not the end of this class struggle. The working class must overcome the process of repetition of historical failure, and must stop the bourgeois execution and massacre machine forever by relying on the nationwide strike. Because this is a small step in the direction of exercising power and imposing its anti-capitalist class will against the ruling regime of capital, and the next step can be to prepare as widely as possible to exercise more class power. Tens of millions of rebellious and protesting workers, hungry and without medicine, treatment and education, deprived of shelter and the basic necessities of life, can turn their uprising and nationwide strike into an organized anti-capitalist council power. The working class with this power and extent of its formation and organizing, should take the way of seizure of work and production centers, and in this way, to marginalize the plans and approaches of any type of left or right-wing bourgeois oppositions. By this radical approach, implement the way of taking over the result of work and producing successive generations of the working class from the hands of the capitalist class. All this can be realized and the only real way to stop all executions by the islamic regime. 

Resorting to the solutions of governments and capitalist institutions, allowing a handful of profit-seeking demagogues, and begging of their support, is not only not a cure for pain, but it is poisoning and perverting the power of our determining destiny.

The anti-capitalist workers of Iran

Dec. 2022