Nowadays, everyone is talking about the formation of two countries – two governments as an outcome of the war of Israel against Palestinian. This is the scenario that simply shows all the contradictions of capitalism. 

Why two countries?!! Two states?!!, Why Jewish, Islamic,!! Hebrew, Arabic?!! Apart from consolidating the power bases of the capitalist class, bombarding the homogeneity of workers, survival of exploitation, inferiority of this generation and future generations, what other role do these misleading concepts do??

What makes people united or hostile to each other is not nationality, religion, but their social existence. Being a worker or a bourgeois, being a ruler or a subordinate, being separate from one’s work or dominating the work of others, these are the crude criteria of the earth that make people steps into class solidarity or being enemies. Dividing the world into states, nations, and followers of this or that religion is an anti-human division that capitalism sanctifies in order to profit from it for its own survival. The nation is a myth that the bourgeoisie has locked the consciousness of the world’s workers to separate them, to break their nationwide struggle, to defeat the liberating campaign of their ally.

Religion in any form, heavenly, earthly, fundamentalist, modern, right, left, has always been a poisonous weapon of the dominant classes against the exploited, the downtrodden.  

The state, under any name, dictatorial, democratic, secular, religious, fascist, liberal, is a police institution of capital against the workers. These are the facts of our world. Now, the question in front of every worker and in the current discussion, workers of Israel and Palestine, why should we think about who’s nationality, religion or government?! Capitalism has benefited from it for its survival and crushing every protest we have?! 

 If in the 19th century, the existence of the country was attributed to civil society, the existence of the nation was to built to race, language, and single culture, the existence of the state creation was to the miracle of law, social contracts, “universal interests of citizens!” Later, especially after ISIS, Taliban, and Boko Haram, they replaced the language, single culture, and the former opinion shops with the turbulent markets of later theories. A long chain of government, nation-building was put together, post-modern, post-colonial, first the state then the nation, first the nation then the state, naturalistic, constructivist, endogenous, exogenous whose whole mission was to engineer the thoughts of workers and perpetuate capitalism!!. 

 Why should you turn a blind eye to the harsh realities of the earth and fight with each other at the foot of the Netanyahus, Haniyehs, Abbass, Bidens, Islamic Republics, Zelenskys, and Putins?!! Can you imagine more disastrous, more terrifying than this?!! 

Why should the Israeli worker become a partner in creating the holocaust of the brutality of the ruler of this country in Palestine??!! Why should the Palestinian workers line up against their fellow Israelis behind the reaction of Hamas or corrupt organizations?!! Isn’t it the fact that the existence of governments, any type of government anywhere in the world, is a proof of the complete fall of workers from the least right to interfere in determining the destiny of their lives? Which government do you know anywhere in the world whose policies, plans, programs, and actions have nothing to do with the needs, urgent or future demands of the working masses?!! 

The fact is that none of the existence government, from the harshest dictatorships to the most elegant democracies have nothing else to do in these wars, except for slaughtering our livelihood, education, health, treatment, clothing, and breathing air. The reality of these wars is to sacrificing millions of people of our class for the benefit of increasing the profit of the capitalists and of course dividing profits and power between themselves.

Since the beginning, the Israeli government has been engaged in genocide, ethnic cleansing, killing Palestinian workers, and crimes that are supported by other governments, especially the democracy camp.

On the other hand, for the past 45 years, the Islamic regime of Iran has been committing genocide, ethnic cleansing, execution, torture, imprisoning Iranian people, slaughtering their livelihood, treatment, health, education and environment. Islamic regime of Iran also imposing the most brutal form of sexual apartheid against tens of millions of women.

In England, 90% of the population is anti-war and wants an immediate ceasefire. the bizarre story but is that, all the governments and all parties claim to represent this 90%!! The Israeli rulers in Gaza are beating the drum of continuing the war and perhaps will get benefit from its allies. The same situation prevails throughout Europe and America.  Israeli and Palestinian workers do not have any confrontation, difference of interests, conflict with each other in their social existence and human existence, they are a united force in all respects. All the workers of the world, including Arabs, Hebrews, those who sell their labour in this cropped capitalism society, are separated from their work, they are not allowed to interfere in determining the fate of their lives. For any reduction of humiliation and hunger, and to ensure the working class struggle and solidarity, there is no reason to fight against each other but fight against the capitalist class and the capitalist state.

Israeli and Palestinian workers!

Think for a moment about what was stated above. Lets remove the rotten head of the bourgeoisie from our body and replace it with the conscious head of the worker and decide what to do.

The first and top urgent demands is to release of all captives and hostages.  Secondly, workers must stand up against the Israel’s government, Hamas and Abbas organisation and cut their hands from the power. 

The third step is to organize yourself in neighborhood councils, factories, workshops, schools, hospitals, transportation, all centers of work, production, life in all areas of Palestine, Israel. 

The fourth step is the conscious preparation of the National Congress of Councils, with the presence of representatives of all councils established throughout Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.

 A congress is needed. A Congress consisting of thousands of workers, at least one representing every 1,000 people – almost 8,000 representatives whose people are chosen from the process of discussions and solutions within the local councils.

Each of these representatives can be dismissed at any moment by the respective council. Attending the councils not as a job, which is a mission in continuous communication with the councils of the place where you work or live.

  A congress that is not the handiwork of governments, but a symbol of the dismantling of the capitalist governments.

A congress composed of workers who strives to replace the ruins with buildings and defines the work needed by the society. A congress whose function is to provide food, clothing, housing, medicine, education, water, electricity, gas, social welfare, and to care for the disabled and injured, and declares this as the basic right of every human being. moreover a congress, that is out of the control of monetary exchanges which has been created by the capitalism. 

A congress that puts an end to the army, the police and the terrible security apparatus of the ruling system and seeks support and intervention from the working masses of the world in order to advance its activities and missions.

Undoubtedly, in a council-wide court with the presence of the most representatives of the world’s workers, there is an expectation that all the warmongers will be tried for the crime of war crimes.

A Congress that strives to abolish wage slavery and to establish a free society without government, exploitation of wage slavery.

   The current conditions of Israel-Palestine scream that the present moment is more ready than any other moment to realise these goals. 

All the workers are tired of the war, they are fed up with the massacre, the destruction of the bombings, they feel humiliated by the killing staff and the infantry of the capitalists, and by being the hostages of the businessmen of profit and power.

  All workers, from Palestinians to Israelis, in the depths of their social existence, want the establishment of a prosperous society, free from exploitation, hunger, misery, imprisonment and hostage-taking.

A society consisting of free, informed, equal, intervening, influential people in decision-making and policy-making, plans and all matters related to determining the destiny of your work and life.

At the global level, in all countries and continents, we are witnessing the biggest wave of protest of the working masses against the barbarities and crimes of the rulers of Israel. The whole message of protests, strikes and uprisings is to put an end to apartheid, inequalities, warmongering and genocides. The discourse of the formation of two states-two nations is not only the wrong answer to these expectations and the cure for pains, but also is the closing of the barrier in the way of any effort to realize these hopes and expectations.

 finally we would like to point out that, what makes us different from others is that we see hardships and realities. We also know the explosive contradictions within the existence of capital and the structure of the power order of capitalist rule. We are fully convinced that neither the two governments, two nations are responsible for this genocide, nor the Congress of United Councils that we are looking for will be warmly welcomed by the masses. 

The essential difference between our solution and others is that the latter, if it is realized, will be a disaster as terrible as all the other disasters that capitalism has imposed on the Palestinian-Israeli workers over the years. The first one, if it is realized even on a small scale, will be a growing seed for a conscious, living, stable and liberating movement to grow and grow. The latter is reactionary to the core, and the former is radical and anti-capitalist.

Anti-capitalist workers

25 October 2023