Islamic Republic of Iran for a whole month with fascist censorship of all news related to the epidemic of Corona in Iran, allowed the virus to infect the entire country, including all hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and medical centres in this current hell and make its unique and terrifying field of infection. The regime instead of informing the entire population of 80 million people about the deadly danger of the epidemic, it blocked all ways of informing just like a minefield. The Islamic regime of capital called any debate Corona as an enemy conspiracy and confirmed any dialog about the disease “an act against national security “, in meanwhile suppressed any protest against this barbarism with all its might. The Islamic state did this just because the capitalist production cycle would continue spinning, the benefits of profit must be roaring, and no penny should be deducted from the volume of profits and be decreased. The Islamic fascism of capital with all savage function handed the workers masses to the Covid-19 pandemic, and in this regard inflicted the deadliest and most catastrophic blows on existence of the workers in the treatment sector. For a moment, imagine  that during this time, in every city, a lot of people carry the virus without knowing it and  were sent to hospitals, clinics and medical centres due to various physical difficulties and workers in the field of treatment and health care units , from nurses , paramedics to doctors and other staff without any special medical preparation, no supplies, no level of planning, no right to speak about the disease ,were forced to accept and treat these patients including a large population who carrying Corona or suffering from Covid-19. Working in the simplest possible calculation except for the wide and unconditional surrender of all the helpers, nurses , technicians, doctors and in one word all workers in the field of treatment left in Corona´s deadly storm by the savage Islamic capitalist regime, it had no other meaning. The Islamic regime did so and extended the shadow of death throughout medical-health centres. It turned the hospitals into slaughterhouses and handed over a large number of workers in this section to the death squad. This wasn´t the end of the scenario but a beginning. With announcement of the outbreak of covid-19 a large of number of patients rushed to hospitals and this was in a situation where nurses, paramedics and doctors didn´t have even the most basic medical facilities, the simplest protective equipment like mask, detergents and disinfectant ,special treatment room´s clothes, disease diagnosis testing and necessary devices for CT scan, very vital CCU features were not available . None of workers had these vital needs and at the same time they had to treat patients, another fundamental and vital dilemma was the limited number of workers and staff in treatment network compared to the horrific high number of patients. The direct result of this deadly paradox was that contradiction between the catastrophic shortage of paramedics, nurses and facilities of medicine and medical equipment’s on the one hand and countless patients rush with Covid-19 on the other hand ,it became that current number of medical staff and paramedics sacrificed unsparing their lives and challenged the begotten mortal contradiction of the capitalist system and the savagery of the Islamic capitalist rulers. Corona, Covid-19 disease in the company of rabid fascism of bourgeois without any restraint were killing people. Meanwhile the workers of health-care network in the absence of any necessary facilities, health medical and hospitals, where they tried as far as possible their best to save lives, they had no choice except to put their own lives and their loved ones into a terrible tragedy that capital and bourgeoise had imposed on tens of millions of workers around the country. Many nurses and paramedics didn´t even have the opportunity to leave the hospital for hours during a several days, they had to spend night in medical canters till morning and were totally busy in work all the time. Iranian workers will certainly never forget the sacrifice of this part of their class, just like they will not forget the volcanic dimensions of inhuman savagery and predatory policy of bourgeoisie. The number of death workers in treatment unit is very high. We as a part of working masses appreciate the great human campaign of all the workers and employees of this sector.

Anti-Capitalist Workers of Iran!