History of the world workers´ movement is full of experience and educations. Meanwhile, the Paris workers´ uprising of March 18, 1871 is the most proliferous and instructive education of all. French workers had been fighting for years, even in the years before the establishment of the bourgeois government, such very important force in the struggle against the monarchy, the church and all systems of order and power formed the ruling feudal system. But the result of their struggles was the gain of the bourgeoisie and it strengthened the foundations of the economic and political power of this class. Workers with all their spontaneous anti-capitalist class, had no independent line from the bourgeoisie. The revolution of 1848 changed the conditions somewhat. For the first time two social class, the working class and capitalist in a war beyond this and that factory and also work-canters, war throughout society they lined up in front of each other. The slogan “overthrow the bourgeoisie! let the power of working class be established! “wrapped itself in the social life of human beings. But the workers still didn´t know what to do with the bourgeoisie, with the product of their labour and production, and significantly with the class state and political power. This happened on March 18, 1871. The working masses of Paris broke the capitalist state machine down with their courage and class will , and overthrew the bourgeoisie from the throne .The Communards  referred to their own class consciousness and replaced the old , anti-human capitalist order with a new form of political-economic and social order planning .In the short life of their commune, they established a unity between production planning and the direct participation of workers in the work and planning for production process. The work of decision-making and management were taken out of the post, position and activity of leading elites, they turned all of positions into transferable, dismissed and installed positions. The Commune dissolved the official army and took away all heavy costs of maintaining of the horror terror machine of bourgeoisie from people´s shoulders. Guaranteeing the security and safety of people were assigned such a task and responsibility for armed workers and established like a routine normal task of the working masses. The Communards ended the role of the church, the formal and informal institutions of capitalist society which carried the intellectual brainwashing and physical repression of citizens. For the first time they paved the way for women´s free and effective intervention in various areas of social life. The women played the most glorious roles in the rise of the Commune and created epics. In the dark world of the nineteenth century the Commune declared free educations for all human-beings. The Commune was created in the following of the European and French workers, was the productive result of spontaneous anti-capitalist struggles of the workers. The Commune´s approach to struggle, planning and policy making wasn´t from any ideology, sect and cult and creed, profession or prescription and charters of parties, but their anti-capitalist class conscious. In the rise of the Communards, no party was carrying the flag of the uprising and workers didn´t obey any order from any party consisting of professional revolutionaries. An important reason for the glorious historical leadership of the working masses was that they were not under any party´s commanding and forbidding rule. It´s clear that activists and leaders of the labour movement played a more effective role, but these were the whole mass of workers that each formed such chain rings of the global uprising and the day after the uprising ,they carried out the mission of managing affairs , planning affairs and defending the achievements of uprising .The difference between the glorious achievements of the uprising without the presence of commanders and leaders of any party in Commune´s of Paris and the tragedy of the party and state capitalism of the October Revolution , is brighter than day light. The European bourgeoisie entered the field of war with all its economic, political and military power to massacre the Communards and overthrowing of Commune. Their movement didn´t extend beyond borders of Paris, many workers from various places rushed to the aid of Communards and died in their uprising, but the Commune was deprived of solidarity and effective support of the working class in Europe and the rest of the world. that´s why the Commune was destroyed. At the same time the whole world was overflowing with European capital. The bourgeoisie gained the power by gathering legendary surplus value from the exploitation of workers with cheapest labour in other countries gave the European bourgeoisie tolerance to compromise with workers and their economic social demands .Fear and horror of Commune completely changed the face of Europe since then. Instead of the anti-capitalist workers´ movement which such a ghost was being sightseeing, trade unionism, the rule of law, elections and social democratic parties, in a word, incubus of reformism fell on the labour movement. Elsewhere in the world, the Russian workers ‘revolution came under the tutelage and constraint of social democracy and also the party and state capitalist camp were born. This camp made the emerging struggles of workers in Asia, Africa and South America such as a tool for participation and empowerment in relations with the rival world of European and American capital. Thus, the world working class fell to its knees against the bourgeoisie. History after the Commune, it´s the history of successive workers ´failures. Now, more than a century later a new chapter in world history has emerged. The reformism and national anti-imperialism left and right-wing has been invalidated. The workers´ disregard for trade unionism and leftist parties reflects their expiration date. On the other hand, in the context of the economic crisis of the capitalist system and the brutal invasion of global capital to the living standards of workers and conditional freedoms right, the world is immersed in the brutality and barbarism of capital. From the dirty lap of capitalism such nationalist and religious fascism is born. The workers, desperate, helpless and without any perspective is following the reactionary of bourgeoisie. Everything points to a fundamental necessity of housecleaning in the labour movement. Workers must move their anti-capitalist self-motivated movement into a class movement with a clear and transparent horizon for dismantling of the capitalist system. This is where the role of the Paris Commune comes into play. The Commune with all its brilliant achievements , of course it also carried with itself a very fundamental weakness, the Commune was an explosive anti-capitalist but the Communards and French working class lacked a strong global anti-capitalist council movement, continuous and lengthy movement that along the way by councils with protests and strikes and with a clear horizon and anti-capitalist tactics step by step at all stages of the movement to impose economic demands, eliminate gender oppression, fight against environmental pollution and struggle against governments interference will go ahead. Workers around the world need such a movement worldwide. A new era can be on the way, the heyday of the movement depends on the workers ´spontaneous anti-capitalist and equipped with perspective of disappearance of capitalism and the establishment of a council society. A movement with this manifesto and flag says that workers of the world unite against capital!!

The Anti-Capitalist Workers of Iran