What we are currently witnessing in Iranian society is that, for the first time, parts of the working class, men and women, students, and school boys and girls of this social class, without hanging to any opposition of the capitalist class, with aversion to the Mujahideen and hatred of the monarchists and others power-seeking mafia, chants the slogan of overthrowing the Islamic regime. The entire opposition is so rotten from inside and worn out from outside, scandalous and lacking in acceptance that it not only has no ability to be in the field of struggle and no pole of the capitalist world is willing to bear the costs of the case. As far as the capitalist countries are concerned, on the one hand, they are trying to make the whole uprising a guarantee of more effective pressure on the Islamic Republic to convince the Islamic regime to align with the Western bloc of world capital, and on the other hand, in accordance with the course of events, the necessary data for looking for alternatives also. 

The rising part of the working class has frozen its rise in the overthrow of the type of ” populism ” of ” united front of overthrow ” but without an anti-capitalist identity. By saying that : “ We all are Iranians “!! , “ The worker and capitalist are one and the same “ !! “ The principle is to save the country “ !! “ We have a common enemy “ !! and “ All together we must bring down the ruling political power “ !! and “ With this, all problems will be solved and Iran will prosper “ !! they are actually going the way that all kinds of oppositions wish. They chant slogans that are the desire of the bourgeoisie !

The current uprising is still silent about the demands regarding livelihood and welfare, rights and freedom of 60 million working people, the fate of work, production and life of this social class after the fall of the capitalist Islamic Republic. It just shouts that it does not want the ruling Islamic regime and wants to destroy the authority of the Mullah ! It’s against compulsory hijab and is not willing to tolerate misogynist discrimination. It does not want anti-Western religious rulers and it’s not at war with the inhabitants of any country. The present “ideals” of the protesters are as much as this and this is what the opportunistic oppositions and hunters of political power want. But let’s assume that the list of demands mentioned above becomes much longer, such as dismantling unemployment, uprooting poverty, ending homelessness, remedying the lack of drinking water and health and medical facilities as well as education, fighting against environmental pollution and many other demands should be added to this list. The basic question is, where does the guarantee of fulfilling these demands come from? The answer of the current protest uprising to this question is one thing : “ All together, united in a single front, without any division and difference between workers and capitalists, will overthrow the Islamic Republic !! With the fall of the regime, all problems will be solved “. This is the same poison that the various oppositions of the bourgeoisie have injected into the consciousness of the workers. Consenting to bourgeois overthrow, the rising working masses do not realize that they are living in a capitalist hell. They forget that in this inferno of capitalism, Islam, retribution, jurisprudence and superstitions are all tools of capital and capitalist rule. The regime of the Islamic Republic does not engage in these actions for the reward of the hereafter. The Islamic Republic is a capitalist state that excavates the most barbaric laws from the graves of history and uses them as a weapon to perpetuate capitalism, guarantee sovereignty to suppress the protesting masses. It will surely be said that other governments are the political power of capital, but they do not do so. This statement is not wrong, but the root of the differences is not in whether they are religious or secular, conservative or liberal, fascist or social democratic, rather, on the contrary, only the strength of the anti-capitalist struggle of the working masses, the profit share of the capitalist class from the total international surplus values, is the wealth of the capitalists and their government to retreat in front of the immediate and future expectations of the labor movement which pushes this class or its rulers towards this and that model, ideology, government model such as fascist, religious, racial dictatorship or resorting to deception of democracy, civility and human rights. The Iranian worker must realize that Iran’s capitalism, regardless of whether its political regime is religious, secular, republican, royal, western or eastern, does not open any way to any level of welfare, social rights and freedom. In the best case, the fall of the current ruling regime, maybe and just maybe, will remove the annoying religious pressures and restrictions, and that’s because the slogan “woman, life, freedom” has nothing more in itself. With all this, let’s assume that the current protest movement with its composition, capacity and combination of forces, its approach and characteristics will overthrow the regime, but a movement that lacks any amount of anti-capitalist class content, and avoids to be anti-capitalist, it escapes from the worker and the expression of class belonging and it´s wandering in the delusion of populism, however , what will this movement do, after overthrowing the regime, with issue of the poverty and misery, homelessness and marginalization of the masses of the working class, with the deprivation of education, health and treatment, minimum livelihood and human welfare, with environmental pollution and each of them are the result of capitalism ? Let’s push conventional illusions back a millimeter. Let’s imagine the day after the so-called victory of the current rise and overthrow of the regime, without an anti-capitalist approach ! 60 million working people have made a revolution with the slogan “women, life and freedom”!! These 60 million workers are under the pressure of a 1500% exploitation rate and their existence has been disintegrated under the terror of this heinous exploitation. They don’t have drinking water, bread and livelihood, they don’t have money to treat their sick children and no hospital, doctor or clinic accepts them, many are forced into prostitution under the pressure of hunger, and also their youth are unemployed, tired and helpless from looking for a job, they see the only way to survive is to sell their labor to drug dealers.Some are selling kidneys and other body parts to feed their hungry children too. Assuming that these 60 million workers, caught in the skyrocketing price of livelihood items, have completed the great revolution of “Women, Life, Freedom”, and they have crushed the rule of the mullahs as well as the compulsory hijab and the religious ruling, but these actions are not done with the approach of anti-capitalist struggle, class-war against wage slavery and not by arranging and organizing anti-capitalist class forces but captive in the delusions of the lords of power, not with own anti-capitalist class consciousness, but with the consciousness of the bourgeoisie, not beyond the practice of exercising own class-conscious power, rather, hanging on to the deception of conventional bourgeois democracy, not by relying on the organized power of the anti-capitalist council, rather, frozen and dissolved in the populist and trans-class false hype. For this reason, their highest expectation is to remain such workers and at the same time benefit from “freedom”, “rights”, “security” and basic income. !! 

Assuming that there has been a revolution !, and has freed Iran from the evil of Mullahs !, and 60 million working people, despite the above explanations, singing hymns and carrying the flag of victory in such a burning hell of capitalism in Iran, with the flesh, skin and blood of tens of millions of workers with a rate of exploitation of 1500% and the lack of the minimum possible livelihood. This mass of 60 million workers looks around and asks what will be done with the hunger and misery of millions of working families, the lack of drinking water, medicine and treatment, the lack of health and educational facilities and hundreds of other pains plaguing the working class? That’s why capital owners and the capitalist state angrily with all their strength will attack workers that now is the time to restore the economic and political order, get out of the crisis and start the economic prosperity, resume the accumulation of capital and the ever-increasing development of the industry, compete and get as much share as possible from International added value. !! 

60 million workers are trying to speak up and shout that we are hungry, homeless and marginalized and drowning in misery and poverty. ! But the capitalists, newly in power, shake the ground under the feet of the workers with the necessary forces to suppress them, and will say to workers that ” this is not the time for these words” !! “You have revolutionized and made Iran free! “, “ The country is yours “ !! “ Return to your work centers, and work much more than before “ !! “ More work, time to bear the exploitation rate of 2000% instead of 1500% “ !! “ Now is the time of sacrifice “ !! “ Accepting poverty, hunger and worse working conditions for the promotion of “national industry” is an honor “ !! 

Capital and its new owners enforce these warnings not with songs and chants, but with the army and the police, and thousands upon thousands of “national” repressive forces. Freedom of speech and association will be dismantled, and it suppresses unions and leftist parties who are hot-headed about their affairs. Indeed, the same thing that the Islamic fascist bourgeoisie did in the days after the uprising of 1979. The capitalists generally see themselves as the rightful conqueror and new ruler on the day after overthrow of the Islamic regime, as well as the undisputed owners of the entire product of labor and exploitation of successive generations of the working class. This time not in Islamic and religious form rather, secular and pro-democracy based on the declaration of human rights that will start a terrible war over the distribution of profits and power, and burn tens of millions of workers in its flames. 

With a rise enclosed in mere overthrow, alien to the struggle against the capitalist system, never and nowhere, under no flag, has any bit of prosperity and freedom been achieved for the working masses. If the movements with no anti-wage slavery approach and content, but anti-regime, during the 20th century created Camp-oriented leftist parties and organizations but in the 21st century, nothing but the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Boko Haram, Jabhat al-Nusra and Fajr Libya has been delivered to this world. The Iranian working class has only one way to avoid such a fate and it must refine its class movement from approaches that lack anti-capitalist content. By occupying all work and production centers, removing the work and production of the working class and its successive generations from the control and possession of the capitalist class, and ready to run the society by relying on the council movement to abolish wage labor. Our real class war is a war against capital, and we have to transfer this class war to its real field, and turn the overthrow of the Islamic Republic into the overthrow of capitalism in Iran .