The struggle of the working masses against executions should be wider and stronger, but all the evidences show that the predatory Islamic regime of the bourgeoisie has not only ignite the oven of executions, rather, it is even more terrible than this, it has made the executions a veil of concealment for the moment-by-moment killing of protesting people by its fascist organized forces without any summons or official announcement. There’s not a day that several houses in different cities do not ring and inform their relatives about the death of a loved one.

A doctor is on her&his way to work, not an hour later the staff and the oppressor report that her or his body is in the forensic morgue, a student is on way to school and later they inform her or his parents to go to the hospital to pick up the dead body, or a teacher who gets on the bus to attend her or his class, but does not arrive at school, and family members find her or his body in this or that medical center while searching, a factory worker goes missing between home and work but after a while, family members are called to the cemetery, a reporter who is busy collecting news for her or his employer’s media, the report of her or his death is published in newspapers. These lists are long and endless, but, the mass of evidence indicates that none of these deaths are natural or accidental, not caused by disease or the result of an accident. All of these are carried out by execution squads everywhere, active and equipped, present and firing at will and without the need for any administrative order. The predatory Islamic regime has turned the entire capitalist hell of Iran into a slaughterhouse for protesters. With this, the Islamic regime has freed itself from trouble of arresting and imprisoning people, accepting responsibility for successive executions and killings. There is nothing new in the record of brutality of the Islamic Republic, still, a new method of traceless bloodbath is relatively new at this level of expansion. The working masses should know that the number of executions is not limited to the currently announced listed names, because what is announced is just a cover to hide a lot of executions without any name or sign. There are traces of a non-stop routine bloodbath. All these killings, of any kind, should be the target of a powerful attack and the decisive power of the class struggle against the totality of the capitalist hell in Iran. We emphasize once again that the new form of regime bloodbath is much more criminal and terrifying than other forms, and to stop it, it is necessary to apply a nation-wide and decisive power. A work that can only be done by the masses of workers and toilers, relying on the power of the working class. 

The anti-capitalist workers of Iran  

Dec. 16th 2022