Adapted from the article “Labor movement and the approach of abolishing wage labor “

The approach of abolition of wage-labor explains capitalism, by the relation of sale & purchase of labor power, the relation based on separation of the worker from work and product of work. a relation that is separating workers from the process of determining the fate of work and life, while it explains turning human into an object, and getting commodity into identity. This approach, based on this analysis of capitalism, defines the socialist or communist society, even on the very first day of announcing its existence. That a society, with the planning index which is led by councils about the fate of work and social production, and also is associated with the informed and free, as well as creative and effective involvement of all human beings. This anti-capitalist approach sees socialism, in the abolition of wage labor and the law of value and also negation of the separation of workers from work and the product of works and in the elimination of classes and the state. Indeed it means reviving complete control over the destiny of life and including the abolition of any superior and dominant force over humans. The approach of abolishing wage labor devotes all its power to the organizing, growth and development of a council movement that should and can be the cause of the next step in the creation and establishment of such a society. The right and left – wing reformism in the form of unions, syndicates and also  Leninist parties and institutions is an obstacle to the rise and growth of such a council movement. Communism of the proletariat is not a program consisting of some parts of the mission statement and principles, long-term goals and immediate demands, which some people write and make a pact to form a party and based on that, start recruiting and organizing the working masses in the ranks of an army under the command of the party. This is a spontaneous anti-capitalist motive of the working class that must do growth, struggles and in meanwhile increases its organized class power and in this regards does uproot the foundational existence of capital and establishes the communism of abolition of wage labor. It will also perform planning work and social production through the councils. If we indeed believe that the communism as a living and growing approach in the social existence of the proletariat and the labor movement, if so, which it certainly is, in this case, this approach and class movement should be in all realms of social life within the existing society, then, as an undeniable result, we have to raise the flag of communism against capital in all realms of class conflict between the two basic social classes of capitalist society. The approach of abolition of wage labor with radical anti-capitalist demands will raise up a flag of communism of the proletariat which guides our class struggle in a society dominated by the wage slavery system. Nothing is more deceiving and scandalous than to emphasize the existence of communism as an approach within the labor movement, but wherever there is any talk or discussion of conflict and protest of the working masses, the ugly flag of class compromise and the most disastrous reformist solutions is raised. In the realm of the struggle over urgent demands, and in the battlefield against the regime and overthrowing of political power, in the narrative of organizing the labor movement, and in the dissection of capitalism, and also in understanding of the society beyond the wage labor system,  in understanding the existence and non-existence of wage labor or the survival and decline of the law of value and in all other issues of class struggle, that’s only the reformist rhetoric that has occupied all these fields. By planning and promoting reformist tactics, stands and solutions between the workers and in the labor movement, it has been strengthening the capitalism´s strongholds of the anti – communism of the proletariat. Leninist parties and left-wing circles have historically done so and are still doing so, and by doing so, they continue to inflict the most devastating blows in favor of the bourgeoisie on the anti-capitalist movement of the working class. The words of activists of the approach of abolishing wage-labor,  to the masses of fellow workers in the world is that the root of all poverty and misery, the lack of rights , oppression, hunger and homelessness, the root of every form of deprivation of freedom, prison and torture, capitalist wars and gender, ethnic and racial discrimination, the root of all alienation and brainwashing, the existence of the state, Sharia law, physical and intellectual repression institutions, all of these in our age, lies in the existence of capital, in relation of sale & purchase of labor force and the separation of mankind from work and the product of work. 

In all these fields, there is no other choice but to start a radical class war against capital, and become a united, organized and aware anti-capitalist power. Some Leninist parties also state this in an ideological and professional way. The difference is not over the formulations, rather, it is about the praxis, and completely opposite of the approach that they follow in all realms of social life and class campaign process.

Naser Paydar , april 2017