Adapted from the article “Labor movement and the approach of abolishing wage labor “

The movement of the abolition of wage labor, always insists on the radical anti-capitalist plan of all the urgent and daily demands of the working class. To what extent we will be able to realize and impose these demands on the bourgeoisie is another matter. There is a huge difference between whether the essence of the urgent demands and expectations of a movement is anti-capitalist or not, regardless of whether the movement in question has the ability to realize these demands or not. The matter is not about the limits of ability of the working masses to impose this or that urgent demand on the bourgeoisie. But, the main dialogue is about the nature and class content of the movement and within this movement and on the platform of power of this movement, that we are addressing those urgent demands. The talk is about a class movement, a class front and its bastions  we struggle in , and how far we would advance, definitely depends on the strength of our organized class struggle. There is no doubt about this, but the Marxian´s anti-capitalist meaning of the limitation of class forces is not that to change the content of our urgent demands. If we base the work on ability and inability to do daily matters, then we have to say goodbye to the idea of the destruction of capitalism forever. While we do not have the necessary preparation and class organizing for a radical class struggle to destroy capitalism, we do refuse the surrender and acceptance of the eternity of wage slavery. Rather, on the contrary, we do beat the drum of preparation and acquisition of class power necessary to achieve this goal. 

Let’s take a look at the fight for a wage increase. The approach of abolitionist wage labor and communism of the proletariat in the labor movement does not base its campaign in this realm on a wage commensurate with the basic livelihood and welfare needs of the working masses, on locking the rate of wage increase with something called the inflation rate. With an obvious deception claiming for standing beside the  communism of the proletariat, but in the scene of the conflict between labor and capital, in the middle of fight for increasing wages, and relation of surplus value production and converting the result of  work and production into capital, and being separated from the fate of work and life, they believe and obey the eternal fate of capitalism. Demanding the price of labor force reproduction, has accelerated the upward growth of capital without any restraint ! and in this regard, the controversy of the poverty line has been created. A wage above and below this line which is called poverty line, has made it a radical-fake of sectarian illusion.

But the working class communism as an alive movement within the labor movement does not do that, and, on the contrary, the communism of the proletariat pursue the greater wage demand in the human campaign against the basis of wage labor. As an approach of the social class from the civil society that its identity and nature of protest is not for this society, but against it, and It does transform the battle over the determination of wages into the field for determining the fate of the whole product of work and production. In this battlefield, the communist approach provides a report of the whole product of work and social production to all people of the working class. The communist approach of proletariat separates the reproduction of the production equipment, and calls for the allocation of the residual product to much better livelihoods, welfare and education, health and medication, maintaining the elderly, and the more costs for people´s  physical and intellectual health. It declares explicitly that it is against becoming any amount of social product into capital. The communism of the radical proletariat acts as an alive and dynamic radical movement in the battlefield, and is relying on the social existence of the working masses, and its focus is on the class struggle against the conversion of the products of labor into capital. This radical class approach tells all the working masses that in the realm of struggle against existing relations of surplus value production, they must take an entrenchment and fight. 

The approach of abolishing wage labor of the working class, in line with this call, by relying on Marx’s criticism of political economy, clarifies all the hidden angles of the relation of wage labor, and by doing this, it pushes the current stand of the working class more and more towards a class conscious anti-capitalist existence. In the context of these efforts, the real class consciousness and cognition of Marx’s criticism of capital and the result of this radical description of the present objectivity of this production method will transfer to the consciousness of the workers. The radical communism of the proletariat, would organize the fight for wages or any other fight for improvement of working conditions, livelihood and welfare, healthcare and education, and best conditions for upbringing and development of children and the care of elderly, all of these to a nationwide field of struggle against capitalism. In the class battlefield, the anti – capitalist workers do tie the axis of assaults to the vital artery of capital with the axis of class struggle against wage labor, and the matter of efforts and attempts of the working class into the necessity of organizing the class power into urgency of exercising a radical class power against capitalism. The wage labor abolition approach does so in relation to wages and wage increases, and it will surely be asked what will be the result of this confrontation or this type of battle? Or What do we gain by doing these things that if we don’t do, we won’t be able to achieve ? 

The question is valid and the answer is clear. First, with this line-up, we are practically promoting the struggle for wage increases to a continuous link in the chain of class war for the destruction of capitalism. The campaign to increase the price of labor power, not as a dissolved force in the structure of the political and legal order of capital, but as a protesting radical class struggling to destroy this system. We talk about the increase of wages, but in a coordinated and organized way, we make the basis of wage labor and the relation of surplus value production into the target of class assault. Second, our weapon in this class struggle is not the law, contracts and recourse to the institutions of the order of capital, but only the coercive power of the anti-capitalist struggle of the working class. The more organized power we bring into the battlefield, the more crushingly we force the bourgeoisie to retreat. Third: the battle over wages or any other battle to improve working and living conditions, to the mechanism of forming and strengthening the independent class lineup, and is turning them into a realm for education and cognition, class consciousness and stronger organizing of the power of the struggle of the working class against the capitalist class.

Naser Paydar , april 2017