We are addressing you. No government is our audience, because we consider all the governments of the world to be the capitalist state and a machine for applying the economic, political and legal, police and military and cultural coercive exercising power of capitalism on the working class. We will talk with you directly, critically and protestingly. We are talking about the ridiculous and decadent scenario called the ” Munich Conference “. Where European governments in your name, with the forging representation on behalf of you, under the false flag and delusional support of the rebellious and protesting masses in Iran, showed another dirty and degenerate anti-human “Guadeloupe”!! 

They pretended that after hearing the loud protest cry of the oppressed working-class masses in Iran, they had not allowed the representatives of the savagery and bloodthirsty regime of the Islamic Republic to their conference!! By resorting to this completely false meeting, they showed off a profiteering mafia of power and sovereignty as a possible alternative to the Islamic fascism regime that has the capacity to express itself. An alternative to the fascist Islamic Republic , that as much as the Islamic regime, anti-workers, the perpetrator of the massacre, dictator, enemy of the most basic human rights and the killer of any critic, and  the result of the military coup in august 19, 1953, an alternative which had ruled over the fate and life of the workers and toilers of Iran for many years and in the age of its ruling, has been known as one of the most savagery dictatorships in the history of capitalism. The European governments, under the fake and false flag of representation on your behalf, brought this disgraceful and power-hungry group into the Munich conference. First, to make an alternative, and pave the way to impose it on the 70 million protesting masses of the Iranian working class in the special conditions of the final collapse of the current ruling regime. Second, and much more urgently important, they would exploit it as a lever to put pressure on the existing Islamic regime, and bring them back to the table of negotiation and compromise, and force them to accept the desired conditions of the European governments. We, the anti-capitalist workers of Iran, strongly condemn what has been done under the name of the “ Munich conference ” and this entire scenario of deception, and at the same time, we will recitation a few lines of the entire record of brutality and executions, misogyny, torture and barbarism of the royal regime of capitalism in Iran for you. The regime, which the mafias present at the Munich conference, are preparing to restore and establish, was the guardian of a situation in which “the rate of labor power exploitation was very high.” Tens of millions of working-class people were born and died in shantytown with the light of medieval tallow burners, without electricity and safe drinking water out of range of the cities. Until the fall of that regime, 37% of the population lived with an annual income of 145 dollars!! The entire population of 40 million, in a situation where the amount of capital accumulated was saturated and the rate of profits was legendary and the annual economic growth rate was 99%, only it had 10 thousand doctors in the country !! Out of this number of doctors, only 5000 doctors were practicing medicine in the upper streets of Tehran, and of the remaining number, 2500 doctors still had offices in Tehran, but the rest of the tens of millions of the country’s population had only 2500 doctors. In the coastal province, a few kilometers away from the biggest oil loading dock, the entire possibility of treating 90 thousand children, young and old people, was only one paramedic with elementary education, besides apart from a few aspirin tablets, this paramedic with elementary education, had nothing more to offer. 85% of the working population did not have access to sanitary drinking water. In the same coastal province, a large population under the pressure of poverty used to feed their children with palm kernel flour!! The workers of Masjid Suleiman, who were pumping millions of million surplus value into the vital arteries of the capitalist economy in Iran, supplied oil for the lanterns of their houses from the disease-causing oil swamps.

The sale of young girls in Qochan, Gorgan, Balochistan and other regions because of the parents’ inability to earn a living, still it is breaking the heart of every Iranian worker. The overwhelming majority of girls were deprived of primary education, cities with a population of less than 50,000 did not have high schools for girls, and if they did, they did not go beyond the ninth grade. Textbooks were only the stories of the lives of kings and religious imams, and the number of universities did not exceed the fingers of two hands. In this kind of hell where the workers lived like this, there were prisons and prisoners, torture centers and torturers, and execution squads, as long as you could see. The crime of reading the book “Little Black Fish” by Samad Behrangi, was sometimes from six months to one year in prison. Sometimes, buying and selling university textbooks in bookstores around the same university caused heavy punishments, such like prison and torture!! Every word was considered political!! The four corners of the country were full of barracks and army, weapons arsenals and military headquarters, and the repressive shadow of SAVAK, the country’s security political organization, weighed heavily on people everywhere. 

According to the famous proverb that says: The walls had mice and each mouse had dozens of ears!

The smallest whisper of protest was choked in the throat due to the terrible fear of surveillance, spying and invasion by SAVAK, the country’s political security organization. No newspaper had the right to publish without repeated censorship by SAVAK, and If any book that was not approved by SAVAK was not sent to the publisher. In Vakil Abad prison in Shiraz, in the days after June 1964, the people who were sent to the execution squad did not know the meaning of the word execution until the moment of execution!! 

In the royal regime, the worst type of patriarchy was rampant. The terrible exploitation of women’s work, with very low wages, was the basis for the super increase of surplus values. The wages of working women compared to working men was a shameful example of gender apartheid. In many fields of production, it was provided with the super cheap and almost free labor power of women and girls, and hundreds of dim eyes and skinny and trembling fingers of six-year-old girls were buried in each pattern of the carpet. The drinking water of the villages was carried by women from long distances to their homes, and women who worked and took their infants to work, did not get paid for a few minutes of breastfeeding. 

You, the fellow European workers!

A few lines above are the headlines of the record of the royal regime, which the European governments, under the flag of representation on your behalf, are digging up from grave and supporting them and their followers in ” Munich conference ” to impose on the working masses in Iran, or by using them, they will make the Islamic Republic obey to the European governments. 

We expect you not to leave this action of the European governments unanswered. You have to object to this scenario designed by the bourgeoisie. Also you should expose the European governments’ false support for the uprising of the working class in Iran, and put pressure on the European governments to stop supporting the reactionary monarchists, or trying to reform the Islamic regime in order to help it survive. For strengthening the power bases of the working-class struggle against the Islamic Republic of capitalism, do all anti-capitalist internationalist accompaniments and solidarity. Don’t be satisfied with words and slogans, use all your powers for this internationalist class support with the working class in Iran.

The anti – capitalist workers of Iran

February 20, 2023